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Our services

Web Sites

Web design, development, search engine optimization, and maintenance.

Online marketing strategy

Planning, content design, tone, personality, frequency.

Social Media

Channel creation, engaging content design, meticulous maintenance, and meaningful conversation.


Effective strategies, setting clear objectives, crafting compelling ads, and optimizing budgets.

Let’s build your website

From design and development to content and maintenance

We are experts in crafting visually stunning and functional websites.

By thoroughly understanding your business objectives and target audience, we collaborate with you to create a website that effectively fulfills your goals.

Enjoy the convenience of managing your own website with our user-friendly platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.

Additionally, we optimize your website’s SEO to increase your visibility in search results and attract a larger audience.

Throughout the entire process, we provide unwavering support from beginning to end.

If you are seeking a trustworthy and experienced partner for web design and development, reach out to SerMasivo today.

Agencia de Publicidad y Marketing Digital | SerMasivo

Social Media

from creation to management

We take care of everything, from building a strategy based on your brand values, to creating, designing, and managing content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and your entire digital environment.

Let us help you make your social media work!


Some of the networks we work with:







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Drive leads and sales with digital advertising

strategy, Creation, and budget optimization

We help you grow your business with digital advertising. We work with you to activate ad campaigns that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

This are some of the networks we work with

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Pojects | clients

  • Grupo Construtodo
  • Gotoshop
  • DCG
  • Maximiza
Social Media
  • Ana Karina Cardenas Lopez
Digital strategy
  • Ana Karina Cardenas Lopez
  • DCG Inmobiliaria
  • Dos Tintas
  • Lumalac
  • Maximiza
  • Mhiler Venezuela
  • QM
  • QM Proyectos
  • Quality Metal
  • Urban Doggy
  • 9Round
  • BOD
  • DCG Inmobiliaria
  • Donsen
  • Grupo 911
  • Olimpia
  • Papelón Montalban
  • QM


  • Burger King

  • Caroreña

  • Chinotto

  • Cinex

  • CocaCola
  • Digitel
  • Empresas Polar
  • Evenpro
  • Frescolita
  • Oreo
  • Ovomaltina
  • Pomar
  • Rikesa
  • Sodexo LATAM
  • Digitel
  • Movistar




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